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Actively aging through diverse and engaging daily programs

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What is LivingWell?

We all have the power, individually and collectively, to make retirement fulfilling. At Delmanor, we believe that enjoyment of life includes attention to body, mind and spirit. Our unique LivingWell program encourages individual empowerment to improve overall health and well-being.

LivingWell programs not only help you set goals but also helps you reach them.

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Our LivingWell lecture series, seminars and workshops provide brain stimulation through education and learning. The pursuit of knowledge keeps your mind sharp, improves your memory and gives a sense of accomplishment. With endless choices at your fingertips, explore new technologies or join in a discussion, book club, card game, art class or wine tasting. Share your experiences with others or just sit back and enjoy.

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LivingWell Coaching

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Our LivingWell coaches carefully develop a program just for you. Along with a robust fitness background, our coaches are there to guide our residents holistically, with emotional and social support. Developing an overall sense of well-being is their top priority through group classes and one-to-one coaching. You’ll also find events and activities that are designed to enrich your spirit, expand your mind and stimulate your thinking. Exercising the body and challenging the mind is important to maintain mental alertness and focus. With their support, you’ll work at your own pace to reach your goals!

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LivingWell Programs

Do what you love and love where you live


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Join a discussion group, wine tasting, cards, hobby or art group. They’re all LivingWell events designed to expand your mind and stimulate your thinking. Share your experience with others, or just sit back and listen to a guest lecturer. But it doesn’t stop there. You can let your spirit soar with individual or group meditation, nature walks, outdoor excursions or yoga.

Programs can include:

  • Group Fitness Classes including chair yoga, tai chi and zumba
  • Creative Art Class
  • Bridge & Euchre
  • Pub Night
  • Billiards
  • Book Club
  • Brain Gym
  • Urban Poling
  • LivingWell Lecture Series
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